Henry Morrison 6 Month Session Highlights - Piedmont Park | Atlanta Family Photographer

Well if little Henry isn't the perfect recipe for a baby model, I don't know what is!  I'm not just showing the happy ones here...he literally smiled and giggled through his entire 6-month photo shoot.  And the number of times I said "oh my gosh, he's so cute" to Victoria and Eric is probably ridiculous.  I couldn't contain myself.  It was an honor to take these photos as I not only took Henry's newborn pics...this little family is also one of my neighbors!  It's been a pleasure getting to know them over photography and I look forward to our next photo shoot (...and our Halloween block party).  Enjoy these highlights! atlanta-family-photographer-photography-1 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-2 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-3 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-4 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-5 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-6 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-7 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-8 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-9 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-10 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-11 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-12 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-13 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-14 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-15 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-16 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-17 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-18 atlanta-family-photographer-photography-19