Justice Janea Newborn Highlights - City of Refuge | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Gamisha was such a pleasure getting to know and photographing with her brand new baby girl, Justice Janea.  As twenty-two year old single mother making the sacrifices necessary to provide a stable environment for her newborn, Gamisha ("Misha") is wise beyond her years.  "An unexpected pregnancy helped me find new purpose," she said.  atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-hayley-jo-photography-5 Misha now resides at City of Refuge's Kindred Spirit Teen Pregnancy Home which exists "to assist homeless unwed pregnant teens or unwed pregnant teens that have limited family support in a loving, safe, Christian oriented home".  When I asked her about her experience at COR so far, she paused for a few moments and then shared, "Every woman that works here reminds me of being home - there's something about each woman that reminds me of my family."  Man, this warmed my heart and almost choked me up.  Misha also seemed so at ease when reflecting on life as a new mom:  "I have enjoyed spending time with [Justice] and bonding with her...even though waking up I the middle of the night can be hard, you don't think about it, you just do it!"  "I  can't really get mad at her.  She's a little piece of me...my baby doll."   

I asked Misha about her journey to City of Refuge and how her faith has shaped this experience and she told me something so profound: "God allows things to happen in your life sometimes to give it new meaning, a new motivation, a new purpose.  Before I was pregnant, I was just working a job and supporting myself..but now that I have a child I strive to go beyond that."  Ultimately, Misha hopes to achieve a career in the medical field, provide a stable environment, and be a "dedicated mother to [Justice]."  "I want her to be a humble, down to earth person and know she can always confide in me."  My heart goes out to this incredibly insightful young woman and her lively baby girl.  Press on, strong momma!  

All participants of HJP's Giving Back program receive complimentary newborn sessions, digital files, and a set of prints from Hayley Jo Photography.  Learn more about this program here.  Kindred Spirit has been providing a loving, safe, Christian oriented home for girls since 2004.  To contribute financially to their work, visit their giving page (donations may be designated to the Kindred Spirit home).

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