Wynnie Mae Newborn Session Highlights - Morningside | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Wynnie is one of the most perfectly plump, squeezable babies I've ever seen...and I loved working with Michelle and Ryan since getting to know them as neighbors and friends.  Their oldest, Evie, is Emery's age and a big time playdate buddy during our weekly small group (very important "mom community" I'm not sure what I'd do without).  It's always surreal to meet a baby after watching a friend carry them for 9 (well, 10) full months, and this was no exception.  Michelle is an inspiring believer and mom (in fact, for a good laugh and some practical mom tips, follow her blog: 6 in the Morningside), and I am honored to have been able to take these photos.  Enjoy these highlights..and be sure to check out the impromptu photos at the end. Their boxer, Leo, started photo bombing while Evie got into all my newborn accessories.  ha! Those ended up being some of my favorites.  Enjoy!  atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-1 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-2 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-3 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-4 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-5 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-6 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-7 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-9 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-10 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-11 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-12 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-13 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-14 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-15 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-16 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-17 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-20 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-21 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-22 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-23 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-26 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-27 atlanta-newborn-photographer-photography-28