Photography with a Purpose

What is so fulfilling about my work is that it celebrates the lives of growing families – pregnancies, newborn babies, toddlers, children, and proud parents.  Every parent fondly remembers when their child’s head fit perfectly in the palm of their hand…and when their baby’s hand curled snuggly around one of our fingers.  For many, the birth of a new baby is welcomed with gifts, gratitude, support, and even professional portraits.  But for some – pregnant teens, homeless mothers, and those with absent partners – professional portraits is simply not an option in the midst of an already challenging situation.

In the fall of 2015, I began a partnership with City of Refuge, a non-profit organization dedicated to community development efforts in one of Atlanta’s toughest neighborhoods, to provide free newborn lifestyle sessions to teen mothers residing at COR’s Kindred Spirit Home.

Since launching HJP, God has blessed me with fantastic clients and a healthy, growing business. Now, it is my turn to give back.  

Note that 10% of your HJP photo session helps to cover the cost of these complimentary sessions. THANK YOU for being a part of this small way to brighten someone’s day.  You may read stories and view photos from these sessions on the blog.  

Click here to learn more about the amazing work City of Refuge is doing and to contribute financially to their mission.